Best selling Sea Salt Spray in India

Best selling Sea Salt Spray in India

There is a lot of confusion among Indian men regarding what really Sea Salt Spray does & who is it for. This short blog will answer all your doubts. 

Sea salt spray broadly provides Volume, Texture without making hair stiff. It provides medium-soft hold & matte look. Now, other side benefits of sea salt spray are it thickens hair, absorbs excessive oil, can also be used to create waves / curls in hair. Some sea salt spray in India also provides heat damage protection. 

Sea salt spray is in crazy demand or say trend in India, mainly because of 2 reasons. One, loose & carefree hairstyles are in trend. Gen-Z doesn't like too much of stiff hairs, feels uncomfortable & weird, understandably. Second reason being, texturized hairs are new trend.

Use cases of Sea Salt Spray for men 

  1. Can be used as a styling product for carefree & loose hairstyle.
  2. Can be used as a pre-styler to provide volume & texture 
  3. Can be used to absorb excessive oil from scalp
  4. Can be used to create waves / curls 

Best Sea Salt Spray for men in India

I will try not to be biased, but being the founder of brand 'dasher - professional hair styling', i can say dasher is the best sea salt spray in India for men. I can explain why..

Firstly at the time i am writing this blog dasher sea salt spray is already the best selling sea salt spray in India. You can check on amazon & flipkart.

Our first product was sea salt spray. We imported pete & pedro , Forte sea salt spray in India. Gave it to few r&d teams. Worked on small-small things to aim perfection in our sea salt spray's styling results. Hence, you can see best selling & best rated sea salt spray of India. 

Also we are continuously keep on updating & improving our sea salt spray every few months, so we can still be connected with the ever-changing pulse of we Gen-Z. 

But but but, you can always try other brands too. 

How to use Sea Salt Spray for men 

The frequency of using any sea salt spray for that matter, depends on your hair type and its overall condition. Sea salt sprays are designed to add texture, tousled look. However, they can also be slightly drying to the hair due to the salt content, so using it too frequently may lead to dryness and potential damage

For most hair types, using a sea salt spray 2-3 times a week is usually sufficient to achieve the desired textured look without causing excessive dryness or damage. If you have fine or thin hair, it's best to use it even less frequently, perhaps once a week, as fine hair tends to be more susceptible to dryness.

Additionally, using a hydrating conditioner and other hair care products like hair oil can help counteract any potential dryness caused by the sea salt spray.

For a carefree look
Step 1. Spray 4-6 times into completely dry hair
Step 2. Scrunch & Sculpt hair with your hands to create texture while blow-drying on cold setting.

For extra volume & texture (as a pre-styler)
Step 1. Spray 4-6 times into towel-dried hair.
Step 2. Sculpt hair with brush or fingers while blow-drying.
Step 3. Use your favorite Dasher Styling product to lock in your hairstyle. 

For creating waves / curls
Step 1. Spray 4-6 times into completely dry hair
Step 2. Scrunch & Sculpt hair with your hands to create/define curls while blow-drying on cold setting. 
For detailed video, click here

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Hope this helped!

Sumit Borana (Founder)
dasher - professional hair-styling

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